Custom Monogram, Regal

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Customizable Wooden Monogram!

Perfect for any wall or door, this custom monogram features your very own name!

Size Options

We offer two sizes, a 12 and 19 inch height. The 12 inch is $10 and the 19 inch is $19. The width changes depending on each letter as some are a little skinnier than others but are usually around 12x12 or 19x15.

Color Options

We do offer to paint the monogram either black or white at an additional cost. The letter being painted is $3 extra and the text being painted is $2 extra. Having it wooden has no extra cost!

Additional Information

Please note that if you add too many characters, the preview may not have text being attached to the monogram; however, it will be made attached in real life. Also, some images have unattached parts meaning it will look slightly different in real life as they must be.